Are you interested in La Maison Montessori de Pékin?


If you wish to receive more information about the school please contact us by email or phone.

We will be glad to organize a meeting and visit in the school.



Below the registration steps :


1. Take an appointment for kindergarten visit

2. Fill and submit the Application Form

3. School principal- parents meeting/ child- teachers playdate

5. Decision  of admission and confirmation from the school

Once your child is registered we have different steps to smooth the school adaptation:

- Play date at school with the teachers (one of the parents is present)

- Home visit: teachers come to your home to meet the child in his environment

- Before the first day of the school year the new students are welcomed in a small group, with their parents and they can work together in the classroom with teachers

- The teachers will invite parents for a meeting withint the first month of the child at school to better know the child and the family.


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